Pipe Diameter Calculator allows you to calculate the diameter of any pipe using this calculator. The calculator supports two units of measurements,
SI Units and English/US Units. The calculator needs the following input to calculate the diameter:
+ Flow rate – This can be defined by selecting either Mass Flow or Volumetric Flow basis.
+ Density – Only required if using Mass Flow rate
+ Velocity in pipe.
The application has a predefined list of services the includes typical velocities that can be used for the velocity input, the purpose of this is to provide a quick estimate, you can also use your own defined velocity input if you prefer.

Below is a list of services that the application has a typical/recommended velocity range for:
Air, compressed
Gas, dry
Gas, wet
Sodium hydroxide (0 – 30%)
Sodium hydroxide (30 – 50%)
Sodium hydroxide (50 – 73%)
Steam, dry, high pressure (> 2 bar)
Steam, saturated, low pressure (<= 2 bar)
Steam, small branch lines
Steam, wet
Water, average service
Water, boiler feed
Water, pump suction
Water, sea and brackish
Water, wastewater, pump suction
Water, wastewater, pump discharge
Water, wastewater, Gravity

The application will calculate the PIPE AREA and PIPE DIAMETER then display the results in different units,
The Pipe Area is calculated and displayed in five different units (ft2, m2, in2, mm2, cm2)
The Pipe Diameter is calculated and displayed in five different units (ft, m, in, mm, cm)

Requires Android 1.6 and up
Please see Screenshots below:
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